I am a mother of 3, who lives on a small farm. Yes, we like to know where our food comes from. We have a large organic vegetable garden, we have berry bushes and fruit trees on our property. We have free-range chickens to have fresh eggs for my family, we have pigs, cows, and we used to have goats (fresh raw goats milk is amazing!) I enjoy being able to walk outside and not see any neighbors, I enjoy hearing nothing but the crickets and frogs out in the pond at night. I like that on a winter night we can walk outside and look up into the sky and see every star from one horizon to the other, and the milky way with no light pollution. I live a simple life, I am a little bit of a home body.

Based on that information you can infer that I am not a “business-savvy/aggressive-selling” type, but I am very passionate about food! I stumbled upon a great opportunity to start a Food and Fitness consulting business here in Cincinnati. I am the new owner of “The Diet Doc Cincinnati East!” I am the natural-minded, “crunchy” mom, who is not a fan of “diets.” When I think of the term “diet,” I think of restrictions, and ups and downs, and challenges, and stress! The more I learned about “The Diet Doc,” the more I loved the principles behind the program. It is a permanent weight loss/nutrition consulting company developed by founder Joe Klemczewski PhD. This is great, because I get to teach my clients how to be their own nutritionist, so they can sustain their goals once they have been met! This is exciting to me because the diet industry is plagued with a 98% rate of failure to keep the weight off.

Anyways, I have been very busy learning different marketing techniques, and planning workshops in the community. There is a huge learning curve with “sales” as well. (So any and all advice is welcome!) I am currently in the process of promoting my launch workshop where I will be presenting “50 Days to your Best Life.” [August 1 (10:30a) at Jungle Jim’s, Cincinnati] I am very excited to finally be able to share with the public what “The Diet Doc Cincinnati East” is all about, because lets face it, no one knows what it is yet. When a business is just starting out from rock bottom, it takes time and patience, and persistence to build it up into something people recognize and trust.

I am looking forward to getting to know more people who are interested in a healthy, natural lifestyle for their family as well. I plan on sharing recipes, physical activity ideas (for adults and children), and much more! I want to know what you guys want? Please tell me, what do you want to know more about? What information do I need to share with you? What are your goals? What are your family goals? Why do you have these goals? Why eat organic? Why avoid processed foods? Any and all feedback is welcome! I look forward to getting to know you 🙂

Sarah Williams MS, ATC, CSCS

Owner: The Diet Doc Cincinnati East



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