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In search of a virtual health coach and nutritionist to lose weight naturally that can coach you into a new lifestyle? Are you starting or thinking about starting your very own personal weight loss coaching online program and don’t know where to start or who to trust? Similarly, I know the struggle to lose weight personally after my own journey of weight loss. Life gets in the way of our plans and dreams and we just get caught up in everything. Then, one day, we all become so sick and tired of being sick and tired of where we are in life that we take the steps needed to make real incremental weight loss changes in our lives. YOU just took the 1st step in this journey of Fitness and Health. Therefore, I want to start by saying “CONGRATULATIONS”! Your foot is in the door…

The hardest step is always the first one…I am the nutritionist to lose weight you’ve been waiting for!

Use your current inspiration and motivation that got you to my page to fill out the form on the page and let’s chat about your goals and how we are going to help you lose weight naturally, permanently and by having a lot of fun along the way!

Therefore, let’s supplement your life with virtual health coaching that will teach you the structure of lifelong change. I’ll keep you on track so failure is not an option. I can’t wait to help you start your journey and reach your weight loss, nutrition and fitness goals!

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    The wheel of health and fitness with a quote of "I know what giving up feels like, I want to see what happens if I don't!"

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    Master your Metabolism with a top Cincinnati personal weight loss coach both in person or as a Virtual Health Coach. As an official Diet Doc Cincinnati East consultant, I will design fully customized virtual health coaching plans specifically designed for you to match your lifestyle. Taking in all considerations such as family, job, free-time and others, each client of mine has a completely different lifestyle weight loss plan with exercise.

    In addition, there are a lot of template driven weight loss plan with exercise and free diet coach programs out there that may or may not help you lose weight. The statistics don't lie; 98% of the people who lose weight will regain that weight within 1-2 years! I focus on each individual and develop a personalized weight loss plan based on their specific goals, age, height, genetics, and metabolism to create a plan that fits into their lifestyle so you will lose weight naturally. This ensures greater success and sustainability and what makes me one of the best personal weight loss coach's around.

    Virtual Health Coaching

    A nutritionist to lose weight at your fingertips!

    I like to bring you the information and discuss the topics that meets your lifestyle. Above all, I am a personal weight loss coach, but I am a food and nutritionist that focuses on overall long-term health and lifestyle. For instance, I differ because I focus on helping you through all aspects that come with a lifestyle change instead of the fast result, low quality of life that so many nutritionist near me seem to fall into. Healthy, clean and an actual LIVEABLE lifestyle that you can adhere to your lifestyle so you can lose weight naturally!

    How Does Virtual Health Coaching Help Me?

    There are a lot of template driven diet programs out there that may or may not help you lose weight. However, the statistics don't lie; 98% of the people who lose weight will regain that weight within 1-2 years!

    What I do is focus on each individual and develop a personal weight loss coaching plan based on their specific goals, age, height, genetics, and metabolism to create a Cincinnati virtual health coaching plan that fits into your lifestyle. This ensures greater success and sustainability due to healthy lifestyle changes and 100% drives success to lose weight naturally. Here are some of the virtual health coaching subjects we will tackle together!

    Weight Management

    I will teach you how to manage your weight for the long term through virtual health coaching! Your changes will fit into your lifestyle. Remember, flexibility is the key to success! It doesn't matter if you travel and eat out in restaurants all the time, or you are in charge of grocery shopping and cooking for your family. I will help you to make great weight loss choices.


    There is a virtual health coaching program for everyone! You may not want to lose weight, you might just want to learn how to eat right and prepare healthier meals. You may want to gain muscle, or gain body weight. Once I determine your goals, I will develop a lifestyle plan that will lead to success and sustainability.

    Sports Nutrition

    With a background in athletic training, I am able to assist with proper sports nutrition to optimize performance. My masters degree in sports medicine has helped many athletes to overcome injuries and heal efficiently. My virtual health coaching clients consist of collegiate athletes, crossfit competitors, weekend warriors, and a member of the Cincinnati Bengals!

    Online Portal System

    Once you sign up for your virtual health coaching program, you have full access to all the resources and literature available in the online portal system. There are exciting articles, engaging podcasts, and informative videos made just for you! Each week I will unlock a different section, hold a short discussion and dig into the information together. 

    Supermarket Tours

    We will discuss how to read nutrition labels and make the proper meal choices. The hardest part of changing your nutritional habits is the knowledge you need BEFORE you enter the supermarket. Commit to your health goals and learn the information you need to live a long and healthy life with a virtual health coach!

    Pantry Makeover

    Would you like me to assess the contents of your pantry and fridge? I will help by making suggestions for healthier alternatives, or congratulate you on your already awesome choices! Its the food around you that makes you who you are, so an initial nutritional audit is a key to making steps in the right direction!

    Schedule a free online nutritionist consultation for your business or place of employment.

    Schedule a time that works best for you with a nutritionist to lose weight. No need to go anywhere, I work seamlessly into YOUR lifestyle and help you change from within with good habits and mindset training.

    Lose Weight Naturally and Permanently

    Lifetime Virtual Health Coaching Results

    I focus on permanent cinci weight loss. That's local slang for what us cincinnati weight loss coaches like to call, "lose weight naturally". Above all, can you believe that ninety-eight percent of the people who lose weight will gain that weight back.

    I am a nutritionist to lose weight and as your virtual health coach I don't offer "cookie cutter" plans. Each virtual health coach plan is catered to your unique metabolic needs. Learn how to master your metabolism so that you never have to "diet" again!

    In conclusion, I absolutely love helping people reach their goals. I enjoy getting to know each individual and providing that support and guidance to live a healthy lifestyle permanently. Find out more about me to learn how I can help you reach your goals and lose weight naturally!