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Virtual Health Coaching is such a necessity these days. We can get our information anywhere, anytime. So we should also utilize virtual health coaching as well!

Are you ready to take the next step in reaching your Cincinnati weight loss goals? Good! Making this goal a reality in your life and influence positive change is an absolute priority to me.

Remember: Structure and Flexibility are the key to results!

As a virtual health coach and personal trainer, I worked in just about every environment. In various populations in a fitness club setting and working in a physical therapy office. In the physical therapy setting I assisted patients in rehabilitation of athletic injuries and surgeries. I even have experience in aquatic therapy and rehabilitation on an underwater treadmill! Let's partner together and I will provide ongoing support and expert guidance to help you reach your nutrition goals permanently.


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    A Little About Me

    You probably want to learn a little about who I am before we start this journey together!

    Are you thinking that a health coach is someone like Jillian Michaels. While some of her science may be sound, her persona isn't up my alley. I am a mother of four children living on a small family farm outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a large garden, fruit trees, cows, chickens, and even pigs!

    Being very passionate about knowing exactly where my family's food comes from is a priority. I believe in eating foods that you enjoy, while also improving your overall health. Some thing that excite me about nutrition are eating whole foods, obtaining nutrition from natural sources, and avoiding processed foods. It's one of the main reasons I got into virtual health coaching in the first place!

    It All Started In University...

    I am a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) who received my undergraduate degree in athletic training from Bowling Green State University. I earned my Master's of science in Sports Medicine from Armstrong Atlantic State University. My master's’ thesis involved studying the effects of prophylactic ankle stabilization on lower extremity stiffness. My published article; “Vertical Leg Stiffness Following Ankle Taping and Bracing” was featured in the International Journal of Sports Medicine.

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    My interest in weight loss coaching online started when I was involved in working with the athletic teams. I loved every second of being a student athletic trainer. I have worked and traveled with D1 athletic teams.

    Moreover, I have developed strength training programs for various teams that include off season, in season, and postseason weight training and exercise routines.

    As an athletic trainer I have worked on an individual basis with athletes and coaches in meal planning and sports nutrition. These are just a few reasons I can confidently say I one of the best virtual health coach in the greater Cincinnati area.

    International Journal of Sports Medicine

    Mission Statement: To empower people of all ages to become healthy and confident, while meeting the nutrition goals for the entire family with science and support.

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    I am an exclusive Diet Doc program owner and your virtual health coaching fitness and nutrition expert. The Diet Doc was founded 20 years ago on a platform of sound metabolic physiology and quality client support. The company still lives by that principle with exclusive Diet Doc clinicians on four continents and through unique online programming. You will have your chance to reap the rewards from this amazing program. Want to learn more about The Diet Doc? Visit my profile out officially!

    Cincinnati Weight Loss & Virtual Health Coach SARAH WILLIAMS

    Learning how to Master your Metabolism to optimize Cincinnati weight loss is the best way to effectively lose weight permanently and never have to "diet" again. I empower you to reach your goals naturally and permanently and will partner with you to meet your nutrition milestones through proven science and continuous weight loss coaching online.

    To learn more about the many virtual health coaching programs that I offer, head on over here and contact me to receive an absolutely free consultation on how I can help you reach your goals!