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I am a licensed Diet Doc consultant bringing Weight Loss Programs Cincinnati. From Professional Sports athletes to single moms, I have a program just for you. I will create your own custom weight loss program according to all aspects in your life, to bring you the most compatible recipe for success!

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    Here's What You Can Expect

    You have found the best weight loss programs cincinnati has to offer! Let me create a personal lifetime plan for you that will permanently change your life!

    Personalized Consulting

    Connect, 1-on-1, with your licensed Diet Doc consultant to learn advanced skills that help you lose weight easier and keep it off permanently.

    Setting Weekly Goals

    Follow a week-to-week enhanced learning outline that helps you stay organized and remain accountable.

    Identify & Fix Behaviors

    Work with our expert team to break down the key psychological and physiological components needed to successfully achieve your goals.

    Full Media Library Access

    Accelerate your results with access to hundreds of podcasts, webinars and useful articles by The Diet Doc staff, including founder Joe Klemczewski, PhD and Wellness Director Kori Propst, PhD.

    A Scalable Program

    Start on Track 1 of our 3-track program and extend your weight-loss journey by an additional 14 weeks when you purchase Tracks 2 & 3!

    Exclusive Discounts

    Receive regular discounts on upcoming products, resources, events and more!

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    Lisa M.

    Sarah has helped me finally lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. Her focus on eating the right types of food, while allowing for the flexibility life requires, has made all the difference. In seven weeks, I lost 10 lbs. and went down two pants sizes. More importantly, I've built muscle (something I've always struggled with) and I love the way my body has transformed over such a short period of time. This new way of looking at food is now a habit, and I'm excited to see how much healthier I'll be a year from now! Everyone is different, and Sarah will work with you to create a plan that's right for your body.

    ONLINE Weight Loss Programs Cincinnati

    Basic Subscription

    Personalized nutrition program and macronutrient goals

    Full access to Private Facebook group

    Monthly Client Initiated email check in and review of progress and food intake

    Personalized Meal choices

    One on One Nutrition Coaching

    Customized macronutrient goals

    Weekly email check in and review of food intake from Sarah

    Ebook with recipes and education

    Meal choices tailored to YOU

    Individualized coaching and SUPPORT

    Ongoing Education

    Access to private facebook group

    Help with eating out and social events

    Physical activity/work out guidance

    Unlimited access to Sarah through email

    Accountability, Guidance & Sustainability


    60 minute In-person or Video-call Program Develop meeting

    Customized macronutrient goals

    Weekly 30 minute check ins to review progress and develop goals

    UNLIMITED 24/7 access to Sarah through Text messaging, emailing, and facebook

    Access to PRIVATE facebook group

    One 30 minute Motivation and Mindset coaching session

    Ebook with recipes and education

    Individualized and ongoing coaching and accountability from Sarah

    Personalized workouts and meal plans

    Help developing strategies for Eating out, Holidays, and Travel

    When purchasing a program above you automatically agree to the Terms & Conditions of these programs.

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    I am an exclusive Diet Doc program owner and your affordable personal trainer cincinnati nutrition expert. The Diet Doc was founded 20 years ago on a platform of sound metabolic physiology and quality client support. The company still lives by that principle with exclusive Diet Doc clinicians on four continents and through unique online programming. You will have your chance to reap the rewards from this amazing program. Want to learn more about The Diet Doc? Visit my profile out officially!

      Tell me what you are interested in:

      Who are you inquiring for:

      MyselfMy Family without childrenMy Family with childrenMy office/coworkers

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      The Best Weight Loss Programs Cincinnati

      A fully customized nutritional plan designed specifically with your current situation in mind. Remember that short-term dieting has not been shown to produce either long term weight loss or better health, and may even be counterproductive. There are so many QUICK-FIX DIETS, CLEANSES AND FAD DIETS out there that don't Empower you to Sustain over time. What I do for you is change your lifestyle, get to the root of the issue. Your decisions you make in the kitchen will last a lifetime and I want to make sure those decisions are the right one for your goals. To get tons of great nutrition facts and news, be sure to get on my mailing list here and get all kinds of great stories and news to help your new healthy lifestyle!